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One of the things we enjoy most of all is off-roading in our Landcruiser HZJ73. 
Because it is getting more and more difficult to do this legally in the Netherlands, we often go abroad.

In these cases we tend to take advantage of the options offered by off-road travel organizations.
Organizations like the  4WD-Travelclub, Kola-Travel or Impala Adventures.

Of course we are members of the Dutch LandcruiserClub.

In October 2002 we did an off-road trip to the Tunisian Sahara. You can read about it on the pages Tunisia 2002. (sorry, in Dutch only)(last update December 16, 2006).
You can also find a trip-report about our journey to the Kola peninsula in Russia we did August/September 2005. If you just want to look at some photo's and no comment at all: Yes?
We have done many more trips. For instance to Kazakhstan in 2006, to Morocco in 2006 and 2007. These trips are not on these webpages. 
Yvonnes webpagesBesides traveling we enjoy our hobbies. Yvonne likes it to create jewelry but also likes to do stone carving, modeling in clay or soapstone. She even has her own workshops, just look at her web-pages.
Sculpture in bronze

I enjoy wrenching (the Landcruiser!!), messing around on my computer, knocking together electronic parts ( in Dutch!), working with wood or metal or geocaching.

Profiel voor Pocileh

When travelling to a certain area and having the intention to go out for geocaching over there, I get the relevant caches out of the Geocaching site database and store them in my own database I've build using  GSAK.

As a user of GSAK you can find great help on the

A general overview of countries I found caches:

To see my geocaching results untill now, look here and the locations of these caches you can see here in more detail on the map of the world.
These souvenirs I've earned so far: 

PortugalRheinland-Pfalz Nordrhein-Westfalen Alberta Wyoming StateWashington StateBritish Columbia Netherlands  France Spain Sweden Finland Norway  United Kingdom Queensland New South Wales Victoria South Australia    

Souvenirs are small images indicating in which area you've found caches. They are not (yet) available for all the areas I've found caches in but the souvenirs showing, I've earned myself.

During all our trips and obviously during geocaching we use the GPS-system. Our equipment is very basic. A Garmin Etrex 10 and a Garmin Geko 301 is the most important, but we use a Mio 168 Digiwalker with build-in GPS and the OziExplorer (OziCE) software as well. Recently a TomTom Rider was added. The Garmin Geko and Mio were bought in 2004/2005 and are outdated by todays standards, therefore we recently added the Etrex10. The Tomtom is meant to be used on the motorbike but it's used in the car as well every now and then. Want to know more about the GPS-system? Click on the image below.

Animated picture of GPS-Satelites. Click for info.

Weatherconditions over here (taken from Schiphol Airport) at the moment: Forecast by

Click on images for more details

Temps are in degrees Celsius

"Zonneschijn" = Sunshine
"Neerslagkans"= risk of rainfall/precipitation
"Windkracht"  = Windforce according  Beaufortscale
"Windrichting"= Winddirection  
   N=North  O=East  Z=South  W=West

  NO= Northeast  ZO = Southeast  
  ZW =  Southwest  NW = Northwest
At the top of the data the oncoming days of the week:
Zo = Sundayma = Mondaydi = Tuesdaywo = Wednesdaydo =  Tuesdayvr = Fridayza = Saturday

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