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I own a Landcruiser HZJ-73 Frp-top. Build in 1995.

Virtually all the maintenance is done by myself. The only time I visit a garage is to have the engine oil changed. As you know the engine holds 9,5 liters. So you'll understand why I do it this way.
To be honest, untill this day (April 2011, 260.000 km's on the ODO) there was very little to repair due to excessive wear.
It's regular maintenance that takes most of the time.
The rig is fairly standard but I did some add-on's.
I added a MileMarker hydraulic winch (10,500#)and pump. The pump is driven by a V-belt from the crankshaft.
The original leafsprings have been replaced by parabolics and front and rear diff's have been fitted with ARB Airlockers.

To retrieve partnumbers I have a version of the Toyota EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog). Because it's installed on my laptop that's always available.
Recently I discovered an on-line version. You can find it here.

I own the original Toyota manintenance manuals, but here on these pages, you can find all kind of manuals.
That site is owned and maintained by a private person. Download speed and availability is not guaranteed. A bit of patience works wonders. For some or most items is a torrent available so look for that.

My intention is to show what I've done (other than simple regular maintenance) to maintain the rig.
I want to document by means of pictures and drawings and discribe it so that others, with the same type of rig, can take advantage of it.

Because of the fact that I have not done a lot of repairs (yet), this part of this site is still small. In the future I will add subjects when they have occurred.

Use the link(s) below to get to the descriptions.

Chassis: Wheelbearings repack/replace/adjustment
April 2011 (updated Dec 2013 - corrected some links)